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Getting Started

Students in the United States who want to STUDY ABROAD

How to Apply for a UAlbany Study Abroad or Exchange Option:

Click Programs to begin your Search by country, city, academic term, or subject area.

  • When you find the program you want to apply for, click the Apply Now button, which you will find at the top and bottom of each program’s brochure. 
  • Follow the instructions to create your account.
  • When you receive your email confirmation, login to begin the application process.
    : Each program may have different procedures, so complete each step carefully.

UAlbany Students who want to Study Abroad on a Program Administered by another SUNY Institution:

Can’t find what you need among UAlbany’s programs? Explore more options on the SUNY Study Abroad site.
  • If you find a program that is offered by another SUNY institution, you must apply through the campus offering that program.
  • As you await your acceptance, create an account on our site.
    NOTE: UAlbany students participating on programs administered by other 4-year SUNY campuses need to be registered at UAlbany while studying abroad.  All your credits and course equivalents will be managed through the Office of Study Abroad and Exchanges.

International students who want to study in the USA at University at Albany

International Student Applicants from Partner Universities (Exchange Students) click here.

NOTE: To apply as an exchange student, your home campus must be a partner of UAlbany AND you must be recommended by your home campus to study at UAlbany.  See a <list of UAlbany’s partner institutions>.

International Students who want to Study at UAlbany from Non-Partner Universities

NOTE: If your home campus is not a partner of UAlbany, you will be required to pay for all fees involved with studying at UAlbany. You will apply as a “non-degree, fee-paying, visiting student.” (See a <list of UAlbany’s partner institutions)

International Students who want to Earn their Degree at UAlbany click here for International Admissions

International students who want to improve their English as a Second Language, click here for information about the Intensive English Language Program.

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