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Getting Started

Students in the United States who want to STUDY ABROAD

How to Apply for a UAlbany Study Abroad or Exchange Program:

Click Programs to begin your Search by country, city, academic term, or subject area.

  • When you find the program you want to apply for, click the Apply Now button, which you will find at the top and bottom of each program’s brochure. 
  • Follow the instructions to create your account.
NOTE: Each program may have different procedures, so complete each step carefully.

UAlbany Students who want to Study Abroad on a Program Administered by another SUNY Institution:

Can’t find what you need among UAlbany’s programs? Explore more options on the SUNY Study Abroad site.
  • If you find a program that is offered by another SUNY institution, you must apply through the campus offering that program.
  • As you await your acceptance, create an account on our site.?
NOTE: UAlbany students participating on programs administered by other 4-year SUNY campuses need to be registered at UAlbany while studying abroad.  All your credits and course equivalents will be managed through our office.

International Students who want to study abroad for a semester or year at UAlbany:

Click here
The University at Albany receives students for semester or year-long study under the auspices of exchange and study abroad agreements with many partners around the world.

**Note that some departments and schools at UAlbany have exchange agreements that are not managed by our office and they may not appear on this list. If you are sure that there is an agreement in place but your university is not listed you need to ask your university to communicate with us or the relevant department at UAlbany to clarify. If there is no agreement between your university and UAlbany you may still be able to study here as a fee paying “study abroad” student.