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Saturday, December 10, 2016 – UAlbany main campus, Lecture Center #7, 1-3:30pm
For all students studying abroad Winter 2016-17, Spring 2017, and/or Calendar Year 2017.
ADDITIONAL PROGRAM-SPECIFIC SESSIONS are scheduled at UAlbany for Italy, ECELA Programs (Chile, Peru, & Argentina), Denmark & Sweden (DIS), Korea, Ireland, United Kingdom, South Africa (University of Cape Town), Japan, Spain (Madrid and Valencia AIP), and Dr. Flo Hunt’s Winter Program in London as follows: CLICK HERE to view the time and location of each program-specific meeting or visit this link:

Signs will be posted in the Lecture Center indicating the location of program-specific meetings.

If you need DIRECTIONS TO CAMPUS, please go to UAlbany's homepage

If you have not yet received acceptance into your program, you are still welcome to attend!
Last modified 12/02/2016