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Becoming an exchange student at the University at Albany

Study in Albany as a GRADUATE STUDENT Study in Albany as an UNDERGRADUATE Student
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Study in Albany, Earning an Undergraduate Degree

The University at Albany receives students for semester or year long study under the auspices of exchange and study abroad agreements with many partners around the world.

**Note that some departments and schools at UAlbany have exchange agreements that are not managed by Study Abroad and Exchanges and they may not appear on this list. If you are sure that there is an agreement in place but your university is not listed you need to ask your university to communicate with us or the relevant department at UAlbany to clarify. If there is no agreement between your university and UAlbany you may still be able to study here as a fee paying “study abroad” student.


How do I become an Exchange or Study Abroad student?

To study at UAlbany as an exchange student, your home university must select you and recommend you to Albany.  Enrollment is usually limited to a few students and spaces fill up quickly, so it is often necessary to apply through your home campus as early as a year or more before coming to Albany.


My university does not have an agreement with UAlbany. Can I still study at UAlbany for a semester or year?

Under certain circumstance we can assist you in enrolling at UAlbany as a fee-paying, visiting Study Abroad Student. For undergraduate students it is more likely to be something we can arrange. For graduate students it is much more complicated and requires a great deal more planning. Visiting students must prove at the time of application that they have the finances and language skills to study at UAlbany. Please write to us for more details on the requirements for fee-paying, visiting student status. 

What does it mean to be an exchange student and what is a study abroad student?

Under an exchange agreement you stay enrolled at your home campus and pay tuition and fees to your home campus. In turn your tuition is waived while you study at Albany, although you may have to pay other fees and your own personal and living expenses. A UAlbany student then studies at your home university in your place.  As a study abroad student you (or your university) pay tuition and all fees to UAlbany. Questions about the terms of the agreement between your university and Albany should first be addressed to your university.  All exchange and study abroad students receive additional academic and social support from Study Abroad and Exchanges to facilitate assimilation into university life and a successful academic experience. The University at Albany has over 100 exchange students each semester but well over 1000 international students.  Many of your needs will be handled by the Office of International Student and Scholar Services.  For general information about services visit the International Students & Scholar Services page.

I’ve been selected by my home campus. How do I apply to UAlbany?

If you are selected by your home campus, you must apply to Albany using the special forms and procedures designed for exchange students.  To be admitted, your application must be processed by Study Abroad and Exchanges at Albany. Do not apply directly to either the Undergraduate or Graduate Admissions Offices. Your finances must meet certain standards in order for us to issue you visa support, and your skills in English must be high enough to take regular classes taught in English.

If your English is not strong enough for regular classes you should consider enrolling in the Intensive English Language Program.

How long am I allowed to stay at UAlbany as an exchange student?

Your home campus will determine how many semesters you may attend UAlbany as an exchange student. If your university does not object you may choose to remain at UAlbany longer at your own cost.

What about housing?

On campus housing is available to undergraduate exchange and study abroad students. Many undergraduate students at Albany live in the city rather than on campus.  All graduate students are now required to live off campus.  If you wish to live in the dormitories, you should send us the housing application as part of your application to UAlbany or shortly thereafter.  Study Abroad and Exchanges at Albany will submit your application to the housing office and they will notify you of your room assignment. Information about housing options can be found here.

Last modified 12/11/2012