Course Description: UAlbany in Madrid- Comparative Latin American Migration (Summer)
Comparative Latin American Migration: Spain and the U.S.
(3 credits)
This course will examine and compare the migration experience of people from Latin America to Spain and the United States, focusing on Madrid and New York City as the receiving settings. The comparative framework will be set through pre-program readings about Spain. Then we will examine the Latin American immigration experience in both countries. We will target the period since 1965 to the present; in 1965 the United States overhauled its immigration policy, leading to decisive increases in migration from Latin America and the Caribbean. Spain becomes an immigrant-receiving country in the 1980s.In addition to classroom instruction, we will observe aspects of the immigration experience in Madrid's streets and plazas, through site visits, and will watch immigration-themed films through Ensemble Video on Blackboard as well as, if possible, in the distinctively urban way offered by Cine Doré, Filmoteca Española.