Course Description: UAlbany in Madrid- Leadership and Cultural Intelligence (Summer)
Leadership and Cultural Intelligence
(3 credits)
This course introduces students to the leadership pedagogy of cultural intelligence. Using immersive and experiential learning techniques, students will develop: (a) Cultural intelligence (ability to cross boundaries and thrive in multiple cultures); (b) Leadership skills required to lead in situations where you have no formal authority; (c) Networks, locally and globally, with fellow students, contributors and regional employers; and (d) Skills required to quickly understand and address complex issues. A Cultural Intelligence (CQ) module provides students with a deeper awareness of CQ and its relevance for modern leadership, as well as presents the opportunity to reflect on and uncover the cultural influences that make people think and act the way they do. The course combines new methods of content delivery and interactive learning using visual media, articles, facilitated discussions, leadership exercises and anecdotes to facilitate structured reflection and group engagement. Emphasis is on development of leadership skills in an international context, diversity, innovation with regard to social change, and the development of collaborative relationships.