Course Description: UAlbany in Madrid- Doing Business in Europe (Summer)
Doing Business in Europe
(3 credits)
Europe is a relevant and attractive trade area where international business players should take the opportunities offered, especially by the European Union block, a market of 500+ million population. The aim of the course is to provide the students with a business working knowledge of Europe through in-class lectures and discussions, readings, case studies, teamwork exercises, and multimedia material that will equip them with the practical tools needed to develop both sound and efficient business strategies in this major world trade area. A complete tour will be carried out along the institutional framework of the European Union, the monetary integration through the €, business and financing opportunities, the policies and regulations on trade, the common market, the environment, and the common agriculture, that will provide the students with a broad view of the European business context. The course concludes by studying the most recent crisis of Europe, as well as the projection of the EU and scenarios foreseen.